Monthly Archives: July 2015

What to Review in A Marketing Audit

It is easy to continue working ‘in’ a business, but it’s essential to work ‘on’ your business as well to stay on course for success and growth. An important tool you can use is a marketing audit. Periodically evaluating what is (or is not) working, what’s outdated, etc., will help you get the most of […]


3 Ways to Keep Your Marketing Going Year-Round

Does the arrival of sunny summer days affect your marketing plans? If you answered yes, you may end up getting burned!  No matter the season, and no matter the business climate, it is important to have a consistent marketing plan to keep customers walking through the door all year long. Here are three ways to […]


3 Tips to Boost Your SEO with PR

Most businesses pursue media coverage as free advertising, to a ready-made audience, and to enhance a company’s credibility. But as a marketing tool, PR can result in powerful editorial links which help boost your SEO. And since SEO drives more potential customers to your site, the million dollar marketing question is how can you get […]