5 Reasons Our Clients Make Us Grateful

JigSaw may not be a Fortune 500 firm, but we definitely consider ourselves fortunate to work with so many people who motivate us in big and small ways.  So in keeping with the Thanksgiving season, this month’s blog shares five of the reasons we are thankful for YOU. And from our homes to yours, we wish you a wonderful holiday with family and friends!

  1. We learn fun facts. The JigSaw team develops content for social media platforms for some of our clients. To keep followers engaged, we often “think outside of the box” and come up with posts that though informational, may be a little bit quirky. For instance, we recently learned from creating a Center for the Arts post that Bruce Lee was the cha-cha champion of Hong Kong before he became a Kung Fu legend. That’s really interesting and we would never have known that without the opportunity to research it for a client.
  2. We gain appreciation for what we have. JigSaw has several non-profit clients and we often help promote fundraisers that support the work they do. Seeing the difference these organizations make in people’s lives is a real eye-opener. One example: At a benefit for Harford Family House, we heard how a formerly homeless mother was able to get a job to provide for her two young daughters once she had housing. And after discovering she was walking two miles each way to get her kids to daycare and herself to work, Harford Family House made arrangements for her to receive a car, too. That family’s life was changed because someone heard about and supported a fundraiser. It’s gratifying to know that in a small way, our efforts play a role in helping those in need.
  3. We utilize their services. We may provide business services, but the JigSaw team is also in need of services at times—some of which our clients provide! We have had the opportunity to try new restaurants, purchase unique gifts and even receive chiropractic care thanks to some of our clients. One of our newest clients, Habitat for Humanity, will be opening a ReStore in the spring, and you can be sure we will both be donating and shopping at this fantastic retail space specializing in re-selling home accessories and building supplies.
  4. We get to see new places. Whether it’s traveling to a meeting or going to an event, our clients make it possible for us to get out and about. We have been able to discover new spots in D.C. Rockville, and even in Baltimore. Helping with public relations for our client Doors Open Baltimore, we learned about some historical structures and little known museums right in our own hometown. Bonus: the event offered the ability to tour these places for free!
  5. Sometimes it’s the little things. One of the best parts of our work is the face time we spend with clients. Really!  We love getting to know you, and ultimately, that helps us find the best ways to promote your business. A favorite for us is the happy greeting we always receive from the office dogs at Carl’s Door Service. We look forward to shaking paws every month.