Invest in Sponsorships and Harvest the Opportunities

Sponsorship marketing is one of the easiest, most affordable ways for a small business to gain exposure. In return for financial support or a donation of products, services or even time, a business sponsor receives benefits that include advertising to a niche audience (with the potential to boost sales), exposure for the company, an enhanced reputation within the community and, in some instances, a tax deduction, too!

Businesses most often sponsor non-profit organizations, community events or individuals. There are various ways to be a sponsor, each with its own advantages.  Among the options are:

Pro Bono Service (also called “In-Kind Sponsorship)-Find another company or non-profit organization that requires your services, and do the job free of charge in exchange for publicity. This helps generate brand awareness for only the price of time.

Cash Donations– Since larger non-profit organizations typically base the level of publicity they give on the amount donated, the impact of a cash donation depends on how much cash you can give.  A less pricey option might be to advertise in the event program.

Prize or Auction Donations-These may be the best sponsorship opportunity for small businesses since you determine the value, whether of a gift certificate or actual product/service. Plus, winners of the prize or auction get the chance to try your product/service for free, so they become qualified leads.

Provide Meeting/Event Space– You can enjoy the perks of being a sponsor when you offer real estate to host the event, even if it’s your company parking lot. A good example: Allow organizers of a local charity run to set up spot-a-pots, sign-in tables, etc. on your lot and your business gets visited by lots of prospective customers.

Now that you know the benefits of sponsorship marketing, consider some of these upcoming local opportunities (click on any event for more information):

If you need help developing promotional materials for any sponsorship opportunity you are involved with, or suggestions for more sponsorships, contact the JigSaw team!