It’s Time to Spice Up Your Marketing

It is easy to continue working ‘in’ a business, but it’s essential to work ‘on’ your business as well to stay on course for success and growth. An important tool you can use is a marketing audit. Periodically evaluating what is (or is not) working, what’s outdated, etc., will help you get the most of your marketing investment, and keep your message focused and targeted. Things to review include:

Consumers respond to seasonal marketing, and when it comes to the fall, people get very nostalgic. For many it’s back to school time, but autumn also heralds the return of sports like soccer and football, so take advantage of that energy and enthusiasm.  The changing of the leaves and the distinct smells and activities of the season (think bonfires) also evoke positive feelings, so make the most of the mood and spice (as in pumpkin spice!) up your sales. A few ways to work these themes into your marketing:

  • Decorate your website/advertising. Acknowledge fall has arrived and change the background to a fall scene or maybe write a few fall-themed posts for your company blog. This gives your customers something new to look at when they arrive at your URL.  You can also add fall graphics to your print and online ads, or even build a whole promotion around the season.
  • Tailor social media content. Come up with some fun links or promotions for your social media accounts. For example, did you know Customer Service Week is in October? That would be a great time to thank customers and maybe even ask for some feedback.
  • Support a community service project.  Why wait for the busy holiday season to get involved with a worthy cause? Fall is full of opportunities to volunteer. Make a Difference Day is October 26—a perfect time to step up and help out. Enlist employees to join team runs, get involved with home builds, and support fundraisers for local organizations.